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I Need.... HIV Services

BAO (Birmingham AIDS Outreach) is the parent organization of MCWC.  BAO was incorporated in 1985 as Alabama's first AIDS Service Organization, and has served thousands since then.  Free and confidential services are offered daily at BAO to over 800 HIV-positive individuals and their families.  If you are HIV-positive and need services pelase contact BAO today.  More information may be found online at


Free Services offered at BAO include:  case management, food pantry, grocery vouchers, nutritional supplements, personal care products, transportation assistance, prescriptions, medial items, counseling, support groups, legal services, GED class, clothing department, home goods, and P.A.W.S. (Pets Are Wonderful Support program offering free spay/neuter, vaccinations, and pet food.)


Other free services include HIV & STD/STI testing, prevention and education, Youth Advisory Council, community events, the programs for LGBTQ youth at BAO's Magic City Acceptance Center.


BAO works closely with community partners to ensure that all needs of our community are met.  Services and contact information of BAO's community partners are listed below:


1917 Clinic at UAB - provides compassionate and comprehensive health care for persons living with HIV.  205.934.1917


AIDS Alabama - devotes its energy and resources statewide to helping people with HIV/AIDS live healthy, independent lives and works to prevent the spread of HIV by focusing on Housing, Supportive Services, Policy & Advocacy.  205.324.9822


Aletheia House - empowers individuals, and the communities in which they live, with the skills and services they need to be responsible for their own well-being while focusing on housing, substance abuse treatment, and faith.



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