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Magic Care is a program of the Magic City Wellness Center that was started in 2016 after noticing a demand in the community for general healthcare and PrEP services for those who may not be insured or are poorly insured. This program allows MCWC to off-set much of the cost of a healthcare visit when funding is available.


Interested parties submit a Magic Care application to the Director of MCWC as well as supporting financial documentation in order to be considered for approval. Patients approved for Magic Care receive 4 Magic Care visits per year (1 per quarter) and are required to cover the cost of any associated lab work as well as a $15 co-pay in order for their visits to proceed. 

King and Queen Apollo Birmingham XLII announce the launch of "Crown Care" as their personal mission for 2018. Crown Care is a fundraising effort to help fund the Magic Care program sometimes offered by the Magic City Wellness Center(when funding is available). 

As two self employed individuals, King and Queen Apollo realized the rising cost of health care impacted everyone including themselves. As their royal project of 2018 developed they partnered with Birmingham AIDS Outreach and the Magic City Wellness Center in order to develop Crown Care and allow their fundraising efforts to help others with healthcare needs.


Through fundraising at events as well as private donations this year they hope to establish a legacy and lasting impact that will continue to help the Magic City Wellness Center serve our community and make a healthier Birmingham. 

You can join them at their monthly Crowns and Cocktails events and may also make a tax deductible contribution  through our website or by check. Every dollar donated is restricted to funding of Magic Care through Crown Care. 

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