Magic City Wellness Center, MCWC

Magic City Acceptance Center

The Magic City Acceptance Center (MCAC) opened its doors in April 2014 and provides safe, supportive and affirming space for Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender and Queer or Questioning (LGBTQ) young adults, ages 13-24 in Birmingham. As a project of BAO, MCAC is part of their mission to provide broader, more inclusive services to the LGBTQ community.  MCAC initiatives include: Support Groups (listed below), Free Counseling, Magic City Acceptance Homes Homeless Youth Program, Queer Prom, Movie Nights, Art Workshops, Health and Wellness Workshops, Skills-Building Workshops, Seasonal Events, Connecting LGBTQ Youth to Community and National Resources, & Free HIV Testing. The Magic City Acceptance Center is located at 412 37th Street South Birmingham AL 35222

Unicorn Pizza Club

Unicorn Pizza Club- Learn what YOU can do about important issues facing teenagers in Central Alabama. The Unicorn Pizza club is a series of workshops that will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to prevent teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS. Open to LGBTQ youth ages 13-19. 


The Birmingham Alliance of Gay, Straight, Bi, Trans, Queer and Lesbian Youth (BAGSLY), is an area support group for LGBTQ and Allied young adults, ages 13-24 in the (but not limited to) Birmingham area. Meetings occur each month at the Magic City Acceptance Center.  Have questions? Email us at: or follow us on Facebook: BAGSLY 

Steel City Spectrum

Steel City Spectrum is a support and advocacy group for trans-identified individuals of ALL ages. All meetings and events are open to trans-identified individuals of all ages. Meetings are held at the Magic City Acceptance Center and announced through the Facebook page, Steel City Spectrum. Meetings focus on celebrating trans identities, discussing current issues for those in attendance, exchanging resources and learning more about how to navigate society as a trans individual. 

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