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BAO receives $3.78 million grant from the CDC for the Comprehensive High-Impact HIV Prevention in partnership with AIDS Alabama and Aletheia House



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BAO 30 Year Anniversary in B Metro magazine

You've Got A Friend  - Volunteers, clients, and employees of Birmingham AIDS Outreach share their stories to celebrate the organization’s 30th anniversary.


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Gay Rights In Alabama Not As Hopeless As It Sounds   aired 5 August 2014     [ Click Here for Video ]



"Maybe When We're Dead" - Gays in Alabama don't expect change in their lifetime - But they're pushing for it anyway.   aired 5 August 2014     [ Click Here for Article ]


HIV by the Numbers:  Facts, Statistics, and You   August 2014


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Left Behind:  LGBT Homeless Youth Struggle to Survive on the Streets   3 August 2014


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Young, black, HIV-positive: Maliek Powell speaks out as HIV increasingly hits younger age group in Jefferson County   18 July 2014


Maliek Powell, 22, went back to Huffman High School in December to talk to students about HIV and AIDS.  He had graduated from Huggman High in 2010.  He learned he had HIV in 2012.  He was 19.  Now he's speaking out on the problem.  "It's a lack of knowledge," Powell said.  "People treat HIV like taboo.  I wanted to break down those barriers."  Powell embodies one of the most disturbing trends about AIDS - more than ever, young people are getting infected.  People 15 to 29 years old are now the most affected age group for newly diangoed HIV infections.  Before 2007, most new HIV infections were in the 30 to 45 age group.  Young black men are most at risk.  They represent the majority of infections from age 15 to 29, with 10 times the risk of becoming infected with HIV as the average Alabamian, according to Alabama Departent of Health StatisticsREAD MORE......

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