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LGBTQ Wellness Fair

LGBTQ Wellness Fair

Wednesday 29 March, 4:00 - 7:00, 2500 4th Avenue South


You are invited to a LGBTQ Health and Wellness Fair where guests will learn about affirming health and wellness services in Birmingham! This event is free and open to the public, no registration for attendees is required!

Vendors and services represented include transgender vocal therapy classes, healthy meal options, health and nutritional supplements, personal training, recovery programs, health screenings, hormone replacement therapy (HRT), counseling, support groups, free HIV/STI testing, community youth programs and so much more!


Participating vendors include:  the University of Montevallo Speech and Language Center, UAB Department of Pediatrics, Beautiful Bodies of Birmingham, Phase Gym, UAB Department of Psychiatry, UAB MedPride, Christy Gragg Counseling, Balanced Health Naturally, Planned Parenthood, Magic City Acceptance Center, Magic City Wellness Center, Birmingham AIDS Outreach, and BAO's Youth Advisory Council.


This collaboration will be held during National LGBTQ Health Awareness Week (March 27-31).  


About LGBT Health Awareness Week

The 15th Annual National LGBT Health Awareness Week (March 27-31) is produced by the National Coalition for LGBT Health.  This year's theme, "Act Out for LGBT Health! Action on Health Access and Equity", was based on feedback from a survey of Coalition members, who identified access and health equity as a key issue in LGBT healthcare. Some of the issues facing LGBT individuals include access to public accommodations, structural health disparities, discrimination in healthcare, and behavioral health outcomes.  For more information about National LGBT Health Awareness Week, visit

The goals of LGBT Health Awareness Week include creating positive action for LGBT healthcare access by raising awareness of LGBT health disparities among policy-makers, the public, and the LGBT community and educating the public about efforts to reduce the stigma and discrimination LGBT individuals face in the healthcare system.

Important facts and statistics about LGBT Health in the United States are listed below and supplied by the National Coalition for LGBT Health.


  • HPV most common STI, major cause of anal cancer. MSM 17x more likely to develop anal cancer. HPV vaccine could reduce rates #LGBTHealth #STIs

  • MSM account for 72% of new Syphilis cases and 15-25% of new Hepatitis B infections #LGBTHealth #STIs

  • Sexually active gay and bisexual men should get tested every 3-6 months for #STIs —.@CDCgov. #LGBTHealth



  • 40% of homeless youth identify as #LGBT, many experience behavioral health issues, such as depression, substance use, risky sexual behavior

  • #LGB youth who are rejected 8x more likely to have tried to commit suicide #LGBTHealth .@TrevorProject is safe place to talk: 866-488-7386

  • #LGB youth who are rejected 6x more likely to have high levels of depression #LGBTHealth .@TrevorProject is safe place to talk: 866-488-7386

  • LGB youth who are rejected 3x more likely to use drugs #LGBTHealth .@TrevorProject is safe place to talk: 866-488-7386

  • LGB youth who are rejected 3x more likely to have risky sexual behavior #LGBThealth .@TrevorProject is safe place to talk: 866-488-7386


Access To Care

  • 56% of LGB and 70% of Trans folks experienced discrimination in healthcare settings #LGBTHealth #ActionToAccess

  • Call State Reps with @openstates and give your support for Non-Discrimination bills. #LGBTHealth #AccessToAction

  • 31% of #gay and #bisexual men don’t have regular place to receive medical care or have a regular physician #LGBTHealth #ActiontoAccess

  • LGBT elders face barriers to health due to isolation, lack of social services #LGBTHealth #ActiontoAccess

  • Many health insurance plans have exclusions that deny #transgender individuals coverage for some services #ActiontoAccess

  • Trans people have a high prevalence of mental health issues, HIV, STIs, but least likely to have health insurance #LGBTHealth

  • 56% of LGB ppl experience discrimination in healthcare - free #LGBTHealth provider trainings avble: at #ActiontoAccess

  • 70% of #trans ppl experience discrimination in healthcare - free #LGBTHealth provider trainings avble at #ActiontoAccess

  • 1 in 5 LGBT individuals withhold info about their sexual history from healthcare provider #LGBThealth #ActionToAccess

  • Only 51% of #gay #bisexual men living w/#HIV remain in treatment over course of a year – PCP trainings avble @

  • 52% of academic faculty practices have no #LGBTHealth training – free trainings available online: #ActiontoAccess

  • #LGBTHealth Centers provide care to #LGBT. Many rely on #Medicaid and #ACA for insurance. Say No to #AHCA and 24 mil. ppl losing insurance.


Behavioral Health

  • #AHCA doesn't provide equal care for people on #Medicaid. It's bad for #LGBTHealth who need mental health services. #ActionToAccess

  • Contact your Representative and let them know that #AHCA is unacceptable. #LGBTHealth #ActionToAccess
    Discrimination and stigma contribute to higher rates of mental illness among LGBT individuals. #LGBTHealth #ActiontoAccess

  • LGBT individuals 2.5x more likely to experience depression, anxiety, substance use. #LGBTHealth

  • Lack of acceptance from family contributes to higher rates of mental illness, substance abuse among LGBT individuals #LGBTHealth

  • LGB youth are 4x more likely to attempt suicide. .@TrevorProject is a safe place to talk: 866-488-7386 #LGBTHealth #ActionToAccess

  • #Bisexual men are more likely to have mental health issues compared to gay men #LGBTHealth #BHAM

  • 1 in 10 #bisexual women have experienced serious psychological distress in the past 30 days #LGBTHealth #BHAM

  • #Bisexual men and women are more likely to smoke than all other men and women #LGBTHealth #BHAM

  • Smoking rates are higher for lesbian and bisexual women than heterosexual women #LGBTHealth #BHAM


Transgender Health

  • #Trans ppl experience barriers to care: lack of insurance, trained providers -#LGBThealth trainings avble: #ActiontoAccess

  • 90% of #trans ppl don’t believe there are enough trained providers to care for them - #LGBThealth training @ #ActiontoAccess

  • 50% of #transgender individuals report having to teach their providers about some aspect of their healthcare needs #LGBTHealth

  • 33% of #transgender individuals had a negative experience related to being transgender when seeking care

  • 23% of #transgender individuals did not seek care due to fear of mistreatment #ActiontoAccess

  • 33% of #transgender individuals could not afford to see a healthcare provider #LGBTHealth #ActiontoAccess

  • 25% of #transgender individuals had issues with their insurance related to their gender identity #ActiontoAccess

  • 25% of #transgender individuals who sought coverage for hormones were denied  #ActiontoAccess

  • 56% of Black #transgender women are living with HIV #LGBTHealth #ActiontoAccess

  • 55% of #Trans people who sought coverage for transition-related services were denied coverage #LGBTHealth #ActionToAccess

  • The #ACA banned discrimination against #Trans people in healthcare settings that receive federal funds. #LGBTHealth #ActionToAccess

  • @PPFA provides health services for #Trans ppl. Call your Rep, tell them to #StandWithPP #LGBTHealth #ActionToAccess



  • 56% of gay and bisexual men say they have never been recommended to take an HIV test #LGBTHealth

  • Only 30% of #gay, #bisexual men were tested for HIV in past yearr. Find test location near you: #LGBTHealth

  • #Gay, #Bisexual, MSM accounted for 67% of new #HIV infections in 2014 #LGBTHealth Find test location near you: #LGBTHealth

  • 30% of gay, bisexual men have never gotten tested for HIV. Find test location near you: #LGBTHealth

  • 44% of gay, bisexual men under 35 have never gotten tested for HIV. Find test location near you: #LGBTHealth

  • 28% of Transgender women live w/ HIV. Many don’t know their status. Find testing locations near you: #LGBTHealth

  • 90% of transgender women newly diagnosed w/ HIV are African American or Latina #LGBTHealth

  • 1 in 6 #Gay and #Bisexual Men will get #HIV if current incident rate persists. Expand access to #PrEP to #EndTheEpidemic #LGBTHealth

  • 1 in 2 Black gay, bisexual men diagnosed w/#HIV if current trends persist Find test location near you: #LGBTHealth

  • 1 in 4 Latino gay, bisexual men diagnosed w/#HIV if current trends persist. Find test location near you: #LGBTHealth

  • 2005-2014: overall #HIV diagnoses decreased 19%, but increased 6% among #gay and #bisexual men due to increases among Black and Latino men



  • Nearly 60% of #gay, #bisexual men don’t know about #PrEP – learn more at #LGBTHealth

  • Do you know about PrEP? Taken daily, PrEP reduces the risk of HIV by over 90%. Talk to your doctor about PrEP.

  • #PrEP reduces the risk of HIV by over 90% when taken daily. learn more at #LGBTHealth

  • #PrEP for #HIV can be $13K/yr w/o insurance. Tell Congress 24 mil ppl deserve insurance. #LGBTHealth #ActionToAccess

  • One in three Primary Care Providers haven’t heard about #PrEP - learn more at #LGBTHealth

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