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Youth Advisory Council

Youth Advisory Council (YAC) is an open forum for youth, ages 13 to 19 and is directed by BAO's Education Director, Josh Bruce. YAC has been an active part of BAO since the 1990s.  Members are male and female, urban and rural, from public and private schools, and represent a wide range of ethnic backgrounds, religious beliefs and political ideologies. However, YAC has a common interest: to educate our peers about the risks and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s) and HIV/AIDS. YAC strives to provide high quality, age-appropriate, abstinence-based STD and HIV prevention education to all youth who are willing to participate and learn. The curriculum for YAC follows the Alabama State Department of Education guidelines for state-mandated HIV/AIDS education in the public school systems (grades 5 through 12). We use the following techniques to educate our peers: interactive exercises, games, discussion groups, one-on-one discussions, and question and answer sessions. 


For inquiries about BAO's Youth Advisory Council, please contact Josh Bruce.

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