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MCWC will not refill medications that are lost, stolen or damaged in any way. All medications are controlled substances and it is your responsibility to take care of your medication.

Altering prescriptions is a felony. Individuals who forge or call in any prescription may be prosecuted.


Chronic pain should rarely be treated with large amounts of narcotics. It is your responsibility to exercise self- control. If you feel your medication is not helping, or feel that you need something stronger or different, you must call and make an appointment to talk with a provider concerning your medications.  


MCWC will ensure that our patients have an appropriate supply of pain medications or controlled substances to treat their medical conditions. MCWC must be the only provider prescribing your medications. MCWC will not treat any patients who are currently receiving controlled substances from another provider.  Requests for narcotics prescription refills must be made in person with an appointment.  Online or telephone requests for narcotics prescription refills will not be honored.


Do not take any medications other than those prescribed to you by your provider. Do not give your medications to others.


If you fail to keep your follow-up appointments and you run out of your medications MCWC may call in enough to get you through your next appointment. If you fail to keep a make-up appointment after your medication has been called in MCWC will not call in any additional pain medications. You must see the provider to get your medications if you have missed two appointments.


MCWC will not call in prescriptions on week-ends, holidays or after normal business hours.

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