I Need.... PrEP

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What if we told you that one pill once a day could prevent you from getting HIV?
You have choices to prevent an HIV infection.  Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is one choice.  It is a prescription drug taken daily (currently Truvada), and it can provide significant protection against HIV.  Recent studies has shown that taking PrEP daily, as prescribed, can be just as safe as taking an aspirin daily.
Contact MCWC if you are considering starting PrEP.  Most major insurance plans cover PrEP and there are programs available to assist patients who are under insured or without coverage.
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What is PeP?
PEP (post exposure prophylaxis) can be administered in emergency situations when someone is exposed to HIV.  Examples may include healthcare workers who are accidentally exposed to HIV as well as individuals who have unprotected sex with an HIV positive person.  Individuals must start PEP within 72 hours after exposure to HIV.  If a PEP regimin is taken within 72 hours after exposure, the individual is much less likely to get an HIV infection. PeP is a two pill regimen that is taken for approximately 1 month.  If you are in an emergency situation and have been exposed to HIV please immediately contact either MCWC at 205.877.8677 or BAO at 205.322.4197 or by email: 
I Need PEP.