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Sorting Medicine

I Need.... A Prescription Refill

Prescription refills should all be requested through the prescription refill link in the patient portal.  



MCWC will not refill medications that are lost, stolen or damaged in any way.


Altering prescriptions is a felony. Individuals who forge or call in any prescription may be prosecuted.


MCWC will ensure that our patients have an appropriate supply of medication to treat their medical conditions. If you are currently under the care of another provider and prescribed a medication considered a controlled substance, your MCWC provider must be informed. MCWC providers will at their discretion determine if you qualify for additional medications under their care.

Do not take any medications other than those prescribed to you by your provider. Do not give your medications to others.


If you fail to keep your appointments and you run out of your medications MCWC may, at your providers discretion, agree to fill a partial prescription until your make-up appointment date. If you fail to keep a make-up appointment after your medication has been called in, MCWC may not call in any additional medications.


MCWC will not call in prescriptions on week-ends, holidays or after normal business hours.

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