Magic City Wellness Center, MCWC

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Support Groups

Both the Magic City Wellness Center and BAO's Magic City Acceptance Center offer free support groups for adults and youth.  Current support groups are listed below. 

          ~ Space To Be Me is a support group for parents and guardians of transgender youth under the age of 14.  Parents and guardians  

             will be offered a facilitated peer support group focusing on parenting their children.  The discussion will be led by Dr. Lara Embry,               a psychologist who specializes in transgender youth.  Issues will facilitate the group.

             Planned events for the transgender youth under 14 whose parents are attending the support group will occur simultaneously in                   the same building, at the Magic City Acceptance Center (MCAC).  This support group will offer a space for young transgender                     kids to be themselves and explore art, music and interactive games.  Transgender children under 14 will be supervised by MCAC               staff.

             The two support groups meet every 3rd Saturday of the month 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM. 

             For more information contact