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BAO's Magic City Wellness Center (MCWC) is the first LGBTQ comprehensive healthcare facility in Alabama.  The MCWC provides a safe, open and affirming space for LGBTQ individuals to have an open dialogue with a healthcare provider without fear of rejection, embarrassment or discrimination. Services include general healthcare, mental wellness and more. The MCWC addresses specific needs for each individual through culturally competent care.  


MCWC assists in reducing barriers to care while eradicating health disparities in the LGBTQ community, leading to longer, healthier, and more productive lives. The benefits of reducing health disparities through an LGBTQ center include: lower HIV/STD transmission rates and progression, reduced health care costs, and increased physical and mental well-being. Health disparities include: LGBTQ youth are 2-3 times more likely to commit suicide; lesbians and bisexual women are less likely to receive screening and preventative services for cancer and more likely to be overweight; transgender individuals have a higher prevalence of HIV/STDs, victimization, mental health issues, and suicide,; aging LGBTQ individuals are less likely to receive culturally competent care and face additional barriers social services; and LGBTQ populations have the highest rates of alcohol, tobacco and other drug use.


The Mission of The Magic City Wellness Center is to provide wellness and medical care for the LGBTQ community and their allies in a safe, welcoming and affirming environment. 

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